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Welcome To Elite K9 Obedience

  Leaders In Dog Training


"We care about your Canine as much as you do"

Training & Socialization

Our trainers understand the importance of dog socialization.  We have our own pack of pups to assist us in our training sessions if we decide it will be of value to your dogs progress.

We will use indoor and outdoor training spaces to help with basic dog obedience and your dogs specific needs.  

Behavior Therapist 

Our behavior therapist will meet with you and your dog to set up a customized plan to meet the particular needs of your family.

They will ensure not only your four legged family member knows what is expected of them but that you also have the tools and knowledge required to continue with the training at home.

Daycare & Boarding

We offer secure, climate controlled dog boarding, with indoor kennels and a large outdoor run.

With lots of fun and socialization.

Daycare With pickups And Drop Offs.

Your Dog Will Have One




The Latest from our Customers  



Dan at Elite K9 Obedience worked with our family’s female German shepherd, Harley, for two months. We initially approached Dan because our year-old shepherd had a general lack of focus and impulse control. Specifically, her poor recall and her aggressive obsession with sticks were becoming increasingly frustrating and worrisome, especially at the dog park. Although we thought it important for Harley to enjoy an off-leash experience, these outings were becoming less enjoyable for us, Harley, and, I assume, other dog owners.

Within a few short weeks with Dan, we began to notice a significant change in Harley’s behaviour. Dan specifically targeted Harley’s poor attention and impulsivity by starting her training in a secluded setting, and then gradually introducing her to more frequent and various distractions. Now, even at the dog park, Harley will sit and stay for long periods of time, will heel, and will leave objects on command. Dan also gave us helpful tips on how to work with Harley at home so we could support her training.

I would highly recommend Dan as a trainer. He used positive reinforcement to support the desired behaviours; he tailored his training approach and his schedule to accommodate Harley’s specific needs, and he persevered until she demonstrated the expected level of obedience.

The Quigley Family

London, Ontario

Milo - Mixed

May 2020

Elite K9 Obedience was great for socializing our new puppy.  It helped him to be a very social and confident dog.

We are very grateful.